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sierra243 04-06-2008 04:28 PM

What happens now? 5 months old...
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My daughter has a hemangioma on her scalp that's the size of a quarter. It grew during the first 3 months pretty rapidly and it seems as though it has stopped growing or is growing very slowly.

What normally happens now? Should I expect any more growth or has the bulk of the growth already happened?



nickbar 04-07-2008 01:27 AM

Rapid growth is typically the first few months. A second growth phase can occur, but is typically not as rapid or significant. You may not even see growth at all. You may see graying occur and often from the center of the lesion first. This is a good it often means involution. The color of the superfical part of the h. dulls in color. Good luck.

Your daughter is adorable!


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