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kttycat340 04-10-2008 10:15 PM

daughter with nasal tip H
Hi my name is Catherine, I am new to the site. I had twin girls on new years during my 31 week of pregnancy. about 5 weeks ago I noticed one of my daughters had a red dot on her nose. Her pediatrician said it was a hemangioma. in 3 weeks it has grown to the size of a grape. we brought her to the dermatologist and he said it was a mixed H, superficial and deep. The dermatologist has started her on oral steroids and is concerned at how quick it grew and is leaving the option for surgery open if the steroids dont work. any info about nasal tip hemangionas would be very helpful. thank you


dilarossi 04-11-2008 03:12 PM

one of older posts:

kttycat340 04-11-2008 04:21 PM

thank you so much for the link! this is a great site, im happy i have other people going through the same thing to talk to

Rachel06 04-12-2008 12:48 AM

Hi, my daughter Rachel had a nasal tip hemangioma - both superficial and compound. I would be more than happy to share all her progressive photos with you and share our story. I am available at and if you like - we can talk on the phone. E-mail me privately and I am happy to call your or share my phone number with you. I wish you the best in the search for treament of your child and hope I can be of help. I know what it feels like when you think you are alone - and you are not. By the way, my daughter is now 2 1/2 years old - so I basically have before and after photos - something I wish I would have been able to see when we were at your stage. I look forward to talking to you.

kttycat340 04-12-2008 02:29 AM

thank you i just emailed you privately:)

mommy2 04-17-2008 08:17 PM

My son also had a compound nasal tip hemangioma. He had lasers, was on oral steroids and eventually had surgery to remove it. I'd be happy to share his progress with you. If you would like, email me at mccollum (no spaces).


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