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Broughton 09-11-2008 10:52 AM

Ulcerated Hemangioma Laser Treatment?
I have a 5 &1/2 month old daughter with two (most likely superficial-no Ped tells me for sure) hemangiomas. One on her upper thigh and one just above the left nipple cover part of the areola. Both have 5cm (nearly 2 inches) diameter.
A month ago, the one on her leg got scabby and then ulcerated (Staph), we were given only topical cream, Fucidin (Fusidic acid) and then oral antibiotic but the ulcer expanded and got worse and now the wound covers the entire birthmark. Doctors didn't seem concerned about the wound and after many hours spent at the hospital they paid attention when the Hem on her chest started to scab too. (At first the didn't didn't even clean to the wound and the send me home with an ordinary elastoplast!!):eek:

Initially when she was born, 3 Pediatricians were against the laser treatment but since it ulcerated one of them changed his mind and advised us about lasering (pulse-dye) on both of her hemangiomas/wounds under general anaesthetic as it'd take more than 12 weeks to heal. She's in pain and being at the age of crawling, she has stopped any attempts at crawling or rolling. Still, two of the peds said I should just let them heal by themselves with regular dressing changes but I'm not sure on the best course of action. Of course, I don't want my child in pain.

Has any of you any knowledge or experience of ulcerated Hemangiomas?
I can't get hold of any information here (UK) and I'm clueless as to what I should or shouldn't do.

Thanks in advance.

jgoodman0814 09-11-2008 02:02 PM

i know how hard it is to get ulcerations to heal. try seeing if they can get you some litacain ointment. it numbs the area so shes not in so much pain especially when dressing and undressing it. when my daughter had a second ulceration i had had enough and wasnt taking no for an answer. i did a lot of looking around and found a second opinion who opted to do laser to close the second ulceration. it worked miracles for her and she never has another one. check out her story and photos. hope it helps!

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