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PattiDallhoff 10-28-2008 10:21 PM

Story of VM on my Tongue
I am a 27 year old in Dallas Tx with a vascular malformation on my tongue, at least I think it is. I have been told all my life it was just a humangioma but after much research I am pretty sure itís VM.

I was born with a little blue spot on my tongue. My parents soon found a larger portion under my tongue on one side. No problems existed but after seeing many specialists at the age of 7 they decided to do surgery. In the 80's this was not very popular. Dr. Sinn, an oral surgeon at Children's medical center in Dallas performed surgery and took out the larger portion on the underside of my tongue. To do that they did many exploratory surgeries trying to see how it was attached to the artery in my neck. After surgery it was left alone for many many years.

It never bothered me to much. Sometimes I would notice that it would feel like a little pebble was stuck in there but mostly it just grew slowly. As puberty hit and then birth control, it continued to grow slowly. I was a very active child and teen, played all kinds of sports and was always moving.

Now that I am older and married I would like to start a family. But over the last two years it has grown dramatically. In the past six months it has started shifting my teeth and I have started to wear a retainer. I wish I would have started my research earlier and am now kicking myself. A year ago I went to the Cranial Facial Institute in Dallas. Unfortunately they only work on children and have sent me to the Swedish Medical Center in Denver Co. I am scheduled for the beginning of Dec, but am not sure of whatís going to happen.

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