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Erin 03-29-2009 08:04 PM

Hemangioma Treatment Stats and Suggestions??
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My daughter will be two on April 5. Her hemangioma is located on the right side of her neck, with a fairly significant portion internal. We have had NO medical issues with her hemangioma. The MRI results indicate that it does not interfere with anything internally (ie airway related). We have been talking with a ped derm and a surgeon who have narrowed down the options to kenalog steriod injections or laser treatments to be followed by surgery. They are not, and we are not, willing to surgically remove anything at this point. Their guess is that since it has not spotted growing it will continue to do so, so we should begin acting now. I wonder if we just sit tight and wait it out, if we can limit medical action to a surgical removal of the excess skin after it shrinks down all or partially. Does any one know where I can find some actual data on these suggest treatments? And, what are your thoughts or experiences on allowing time to work for us - it has continued to grow, but has slowed and is no longer a bright red. I have attached a photo of my girls so you can see her hemangioma. Thanks!

nickbar 03-30-2009 09:22 PM


At age 2, the h. should not grow anymore. Steroid injections at this point will not benefit her. Laser would reduce the superfical red. At this point time is on your side, no rush if you would prefer to wee how things go on their own. Because hemangiomas are all so different, treatment options may or may not benefit your daughter. The dull color is a good sign that the h. is starting to go thru involution. One idea: If you would prefer to wait, but are open to surgical excision at some point, give yourself a timeline and if the h. hasn't improved enough, consider the options. It appears your daughter's h. is compound (has a deeper portion to it as well as the redness)? Her h. could completely involute or it could leave residual redness, and/or atrophied skin. This can be corrected by laser or surgery

In my opinion the laser really helped keep my son's skin firm. If you would like to email me I can link you to some pictures that may help you see some samples of involution and treatment. also find the support group at

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