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tiny dancer 04-12-2009 10:14 PM

has anyone had laser on legs that has shown good improvement results?
hi im wondering as my daughter is due to start laser treatment next mth on a pws on her left leg, which covers appox..40-50%, mostly her thigh and back of lower calf (there is a pic on my profile of part of it). id love to see pics if possible of before and after too. ive reasearched this alot in the last couple of yrs and as you can imagine its quite hard to get feedback as the majority of cases are face pws results only. my daughter is nearly 3 and her pws is pale pink but obviously changes to deep red with temp changes. thanks for reading and posting if you have! , lisa

tiny dancer 05-06-2009 11:06 AM

anyone?? plenty views but no posts!!

julies 06-23-2009 01:22 AM

This is my first post here but I wanted to share that I have a pws on about 50-60% of my right leg (also changes color from pale pink to deep purple depending on lighting/temperature) I've had two laser sessions so far. the first one did nothing at all, but cleared up quickly. I think it as an IPL laser. the second laser was the v-beam and I still have marks from that and it was done 3 months ago. Word of advice - do this during the colder months so that you can cover it up. You can't go in the sun for months or you may get permanent stains.

So far, little improvements. Some fading, but I still have brown spots where the laser was done.

Hope this helps a little.

Good luck


robolynn29 08-01-2009 01:26 AM

My daughter has extensive PWS all over her body. For the most part, it is very light pink, but does change colors based upon her body temperature and the weather outside.

In the past 4 treatments, her doctor has started treating the light pink spots on her legs and I have noticed a difference. I see lighter areas where the laser has worked. She also has her ankles and fee treated, but since it is more an "extra" at the end of her treatment session, the doctor has not concentrated on the area. We are still working on getting her upper lip and cheek broken up more than anything else at this point.

I can check to see if I have any good comparison pictures for you.

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