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kimmiegirl22 04-14-2009 06:38 AM

My Life With My Birthmark
I was born with a deep / superficial Hemangioma. It covers the entire left side of my back and side. It is flat, spongy & blue with red bumps. As a child I would always ask my mother when it would go away. she would say that when I got older it would fade and go away.It has never faded and Has been very hard to live mother still to this day has no idea what the heck is on my back. I have just in this last 2 years figured out on my own (through the internet) found out what i have on my back- .That is very frustrating to me. I should not complain to much because I can hide it very easy in day to day clothing but I have never been able to wear a swimsuit in public for fear that people would stare and laugh. Many of my extended family don't even know that i have such a large birthmark that I have been living with my entire life. As A child I thought I would never get married for fear that one one could love someone like me- I had a very low self-esteem because of my hemangioma. I always felt ugly and ashamed of it. I hated girls that could wear tank tops and swimsuits freely. now that I am a 27 year old married mother of 3, I have learned to live with my Hemangioma and am learning that Its okay to be different. I still do not tell people about it and never swim in public, but feel like I am lucky that I can hide my Hemangioma with clothing. I have seen many on this website that can not be hidden and feel awful that I have ever felt sorry for myself- I have yet to find someone that has a Hemangioma as large and the same as mine. I just want to know if anyone has one bigger like mine-

thanks for listening

sweet pea 05-09-2009 06:02 AM

well it doesn't sound like a hemangioma. usually that term is used really widely, but it's not always the correct diagnosis. A true hemangioma will go away after x amount of years. what you have can be a vascular malformation or pws.

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