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elias 09-17-2009 08:44 AM

After surgery
It's been a long time to contact with you and I feel very bad.My son Elias was diacnose with hemangioma on his left upper eyelid at the age of 2 mounths .After a lot of doctors appointments,travels to abroad and taking for a year steroits with the fountation help we fount a doctor in Grease (we are from Cyprus) spesialised in hemangioma operation.He examined Elias and the best solution was to operate.The operation wend very well and nobody can understand that Elias had this promblem.The promblem now is that after 4 years we notise that Elias Eyelid is not responting the same with the right eyelid when he close his eyes (not to sleep) Did you find this kind of behaviour in others that had operations on the eyelids?
Thank you very mush and sorry again for not visiting the site but having a big family and one computer you can understand the reason

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