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kaykay 10-24-2009 12:49 AM

Media Attention
not sure where to put this post.

What i would like to know, would more media attention help VBFs cause ? would it help members ? get more interest in funding, research ? and would it somehow help that nagging insurance problem i keep reading about on this board ?

RowdyBliss 10-26-2009 02:40 PM

I can't see how it'd hurt...

And you know, with the advent of YouTube, blogs, and many of the other free ways to promote a cause on the internet, there's really no excuse not to.

When I start my treatment on my PWS, I plan to create a blog about it and document everything about the process - doctor visits, insurance issues, pictures of recovery, etc. - and I'm going to give the URL to the local newspaper here and hope they'll run a story on it. What starts as a human interest article might turn into heightened awareness and understanding.

Hey, it's a start, right?

kaykay 10-27-2009 12:16 AM

hey thanks for answering my post.

Its a great idea you have. I'd like to see that link ! I hope it all goes well. VBF was the only source of info i ever had for years concerning my birthmark. thats cause i have internet access. The whole world doesn't have the net yet.

But everyone has tv. ha ha ha ha.

Is Hanks website still up ? i was hoping to see his pics again after more treatment.

A lady put something to me. I dunno yet. I'm a private person. But if it helps a cause i am all for it. long as i am in the background

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