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TripleTime 12-30-2009 10:14 PM

Triplet's update
I know i havent been on here for quite some time so i thought id give an update on my Trio.

Aleah's who has a H on the back of her neck has been on propranlolo for about 4 months now 7 has just had her dose up'd from 2.5mg daily to 5mg daily. With fantastic results.
Her H has gone from 4cm x 5 cm & raised by 3cm to about a 1cm area, she is left with alot of scaring from the area that was ulcerated. Once the remaining area is back to skin level we will than discuss removing what is under the skin.

Tahlia who has one on her chest, hasnt done anything. Hasnt grown which is good.

James who has one on his bottom that started to ulcerate about 6 weeks ago. We caught it early & started applying zinc & Flaminyl Hydro which is for open wounds.

So all in all, their going really well.

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