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Junior203 01-12-2010 01:36 AM

I just got my first treament.
Hi everyone my name is Junior..I got my first treatment today at Laser Lights Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Laser Center. I Have a brown birthmark the size of a pen cap on my right cheek.

The doctor was prepared to do the surgery on the day of my first appointment so i went along. She was confident - which i liked so i went ahead on with the procedure. The laser she used was a Q Switched YAG she also will probably use an Alexandrite Laser.(does anyone know about these lasers).

Now that i have my first treatment done, i would appreciate advice from the community to tell me how should i take care of it. So far i have a Bacitracin ointment that i will apply twice a day. Any stories or advice would be much appreciated.

- Junior

LizH 02-09-2010 08:09 AM

Hi, if it's brown are you sure it's a port wine stain birthmark? I have a PWS and my doctor uses a V-Beam Perfecta, although at our consult he mentioned those 2 as alternatives if the V-Beam didn't prove effective.

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