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abatie 04-04-2010 10:49 PM

Surprises come in little packages
Becca made an accomplishment today that the doctors weren't sure would happen. She independently pulled herself to a standing position!!! It was amazing to watch what was happening unfold. I believe that she is going to surprise the world! I think she even beat my other kids to this milestone! What difference hard work and determination can make.

missy 04-04-2010 11:56 PM

Excellent!! I hope she keeps it up!


abatie 06-25-2010 03:55 AM

Another new accomplishment that we didn't know would happen did today. Becca took her first amazing steps by herself. She even beat her older brother and sisters to this milestone. Talk about determination!

missy 06-25-2010 02:35 PM

Wow. Go, Becca!!

How is she otherwise? I know you were having trouble getting her appointments all scheduled. How did that turn out?


abatie 06-25-2010 02:52 PM

Becca is doing pretty well. We are going back to Mayo on July 30 and then we will probably know a little more. She is also seeing a local ENT about her hearing before we go back to get a little more information to give to her team of doctors at Mayo to try to make some decisions about hearing. She will have a new chest x-ray and will then see cardiology, audiology, and dermatology at Mayo. We were not able to get appointments with the PM&R or the pediatrician. We are also still struggling with trying to find a PM&R closer to home that works with children and will be in network. Our insurance company has been very difficult through all of this and the worst part is that our insurance is through the hospital system that competes with the hospital system in South Dakota that provides the vast majority of children's services. For us it has been a huge headache because there is a children's hospital about four hours from our home that could possibly provide some services but we can't utilize them. Our insurance is more than happy to send us nine hours (one way) for services at Mayo. Mayo is great and we love our doctors there but for some of Becca's care it would be nice to be closer to home. I never realized how frustrating medical issues that are rare can be to families until I had to deal with it. I have friends that have had children go through huge medical issues but they were things that were common and that doctors knew how to treat and they just knew what to do with their kids. It hasn't been like that at all for Becca. I feel like I educate most of her doctors.

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