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Aolmstead 04-19-2010 08:44 PM

Wait and Observe-Is this the common solution?
We went to see Dr. Venuela, who is the director of UCLA Ronald Reagan radiologist and came highly recommended by Dr. Levitin. Our first visit was basically discussing my baby's macrocystic LM (10month old) condition of the left neck and treatment options. He recommended doing an endoscopy of her throat/neck area to check and see if there were no obstruction in her wind pipe area. Overall since she does not seem to have any physical signs of distress, he recommended us to simply WAIT and OBSERVE HER.......

Anyhow, he didn't want to do any rash procedure due to her young age. He basically wants her body to heal naturally and encourage mother nature to take it's course without any unnecessary medical intervention...for now......

Is this common to wait and observe?? Anyone have similar experience? How long do I have to observe until another flare up?? I'm so worried and paranoid for every cough, fever, or sneeze she has....I know she's vulnerable with infection....

sweet pea 05-28-2010 08:08 PM

That's usually what many doctors do, the wait and see approach. It's common, but not always the best advice, though it depends on the patient. If there really is not a big problem, the wait and see approach is fine. They did the wait and see approach with me til I was a little older to have my first surgery. My first surgery, major one, was at the age of two. You can stick with the wait and see approach, and then if there is any sign of problems, take her in and then they can reevaluate what they will do. good luck!

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