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notso 06-23-2010 03:18 AM

New here... 3 month old with compound hemangioma, and questions

My daughter has a compound hemangioma on her scalp. It has recently grayed a bit and is flaky. The graying made me excited that it may have stopped growing. Is that possible at 3 months? Also, should I be concerned about it getting flaky? It has never bled so I don't think it is ulcerating.

If it is involuting, I am curious about the timetable. Months? Years? Do compounds fully go away?

Here's a pic

KatieG 06-23-2010 04:17 AM

Your daughter is beautiful! My daughters is EXACTLY like hers, but much bigger. I guess it is possible it could stop growing already. Not sure about the involution. I am new to the world of Hemangiomas as well. :)

jkmorgan333 06-23-2010 03:21 PM

Your daughter is gorgeous!
My daughter has a compound H almost identical to your daughter's except my daughter's H is on the side of her head. DD's grew the most during months 3-4, and it got to be about the size of a bottle of water lid. The compound part seemed to start going away on its own somewhere around 9 or so months. The graying on DD's Hemangiomas started around 9-10 months, but they didn't get any smaller. We just started noticing that it was less red and had little flecks of gray. We decided to start propranolol when DD was 10.5 months and that has made the biggest difference for her daughter.
Unfortunately, I don't think there's really an assigned time that they will go away. Some kids seem to involute much more quickly than others. Your dermatologist may be able to give you a better idea, but ours was pretty vague about the timetable.

mperron 06-24-2010 08:22 PM

Sorry don't have an answer to your question. Just wanted to comment on how beautiful your daughter is, congrats!

mokle11 06-03-2011 06:03 PM

HOw did things turn out?
This looks exactly like what my 9 week old son has on his forehead. I would really like to know how things turned out for your daughter. I am new to the world of Hemangioma's and would love to hear some stories of the process.


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