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hernandezrosella 09-01-2010 11:20 PM

Looking For a DR. In Dallas TX Need Referal Please
Hi I really need some help to make a long story short. I have gone to 4 dr and 1 Ctscan 2 mri's and lots of money well its alot for me. I have Vascular Malformation in my right cheek I am 47 so mine a late bloomer. I have a so call very rare case. Removal is out they are saying am needing Sclerotherapy done and there is no Dr in Dallas who does this type. There is 4 cyst like deep in the soft tissue mass so because of many and location I was told they are still looking for someone close to Dallas. Now its been 3 weeks and this thing is really can be painfull and very uncomfortable. If anyone knows of one Dr in my area or close by please let me know. Seem they just have me in circles its been 3 month now and nothing done yet.

Thanks Billie

missy 09-02-2010 12:15 PM

Have you talked to

Jay Burns, MD
6300 Harry Hines Blvd
Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75235

If you haven't spoken to this physician, call his office and see if it is appropriate to see you or if they have another recommendation.


hernandezrosella 09-03-2010 03:59 AM

ok I called that Dr and that was the Children office. They did gave me the number to the adult clinic. And no the dont do Sclerothrapy me being 47 and not a child is going to be hard to find a Dr who see's adults. I have my MRI report I can email to you. So maybe you know what I got exactly. Got to go pick up my 2 Mri's they did from the last Dr. They never got back to me with a referral they are saying there are no Dr. in Dallas.

missy 09-03-2010 12:35 PM

Write to Dr. Linda via the "ask the founder" link from:

She will probably know exactly who to call.


hernandezrosella 09-03-2010 02:22 PM

Thank You I Will contact her

Hrn17 04-25-2012 07:08 AM

I have the same problem but in my right calf. I go to dr purdy in Dallas. Hes at ur southwestern or something like that, he has done about 10 sclerotherapys on me since I was 12 and am now 19, I haven't had any luck with any of the treatments and he referred me to the doctor burns named above who then removed what he could of the malformation. My leg has hurt so much worse after the surgery than it ever did before the surgery and it's been almost a year since I have had surgery. I have gone to visit him several times since surgery and I WILL NOT be going back to his office, he is a plastic surgeon in the first place and is rude to me every time I come In, he hasn't helped my situation he has only made it worse. I recommend if the sclerotherapys don't work for you, try to get into a pain management doctor, I started going and my pain is at least getting bearable!

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