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Tallow 10-18-2010 07:05 PM

Port Wine Stain help
Hiya, I just stumbled across this website and i was like "woah, there are a lot of people here" haha. I always just try to ignore my birthmark and hope that other people do the same (which i know they really don't).
I have a port wine stain that covers most of the top of my right arm. It is usually a dark pink color, but when I'm cold it can become super purple.
I have recently started to read up on these types of birthmarks, and everywhere i look it seems to say that I should get it lasered off right away to prevent any deformities or something. This kind of scares me, partly because there is no way my parents would pay for me to do that.
Does anyone have any advice or anything on what I should do? Is it okay to just leave it?

missy 10-19-2010 11:59 AM

Hi and welcome!

Many people choose to get treatment to prevent cobbles and blebs later in life; however, treatment is a personal choice that you must make.

Also, you don't say how old you are, but your insurance (or your parents' insurance) may cover these treatments.

My advice: talk to your parents about your research. Find out if insurance would cover any laser treatments. Consult with a good dermatologist in your area and get his opinion.

Keep in mind: laser may diminish the color somewhat, but won't just "laser off right away." I think treatment should focus on preventing future problems, especially since you seem to have a good attitude about your birthmark (which is a sign of maturity and good self-esteem ... yay you!!).

Come back and let us know how things go. If you'd like to bring your parents by, do that too!


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