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DannysMom 01-13-2004 04:16 PM

Cost of Laser Treatment
This is going out to those who have had laser surgery done and were provided with either a bill or a copy of an insurance claim that showed what the doctor billed for the proceedure.

We are in the process of getting pre-approval from our insurance company for our son's laser treatment on Jan 27th. Our doctor is being cooperative in helping us make our case to our insurance company. With the help of this website, I was able to provide him with key phrases to include in his predetermination letter. I was provided with a copy of this letter from his office and was a little shocked at the fees he provided to the insurance company. He wrote "Treatment Fees: $1870.00, $2710.00". I will be calling for more details but it looks like two fees; one for the physician and the other for the facility (it will be done in-office but I was told the doctors "rent" the candela laser from the Dermatology Dept. ). I have found costs lised on medical websites that ranged from $175-$750. There appears to be a big discrepency. I am trying to find out how much we will need to pay IF insurance does not cover the cost. A total bill of $4500+ seemed high. (That's what my insurance paid when I gave birth to our first son and I was in a hospital for two days!)

ANY information anyone can provide would be helpful. There are only two doctors in our area that perform laser trmnts on children. One is in our insurance network and other is not so I don't have many choices.

DannysMom 01-13-2004 05:10 PM

Re:Cost of Laser Treatment
I did some research online and found the following information in regards to fee schedules. The amounts are from 2001 so I am sure there has been a price increase since but it is a good reference point.

Fees for treatment of congenital vasular malformations (Port Wine Stains) Feea are per treatment session.

There are typically two fees; professional (physician) and Technical (use the the laser).
Look at the CPT code provided by your doctor. The CPT code is based on the size of the PWS to be treated.

CPT Area
Code Treated
17106 <10cm2
17107 10-50cm2
17108 50-100cm2
17018-22 >100cm2

This is the estimated physicians fee for each code:

CPT Professional
Code Fee
17106 $834.00
17107 $1,468.00
17108 $2,406.00
17018-22 $2,406.00

This is the estimated technical fee for each code:

CPT Technical
Code Fee
17106 $403.00
17107 $516.00
17108 $639.00
17018-22 $727.00

Then the estimated total fee for each code which is the physician and technical fees combined:

CPT Estimated
Code Total
17106 $1,237.00
17107 $1,984.00
17108 $3,045.00
17018-22 $3,133.00

I found this helpful and hope others will too.

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