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DannysMom 01-27-2004 12:52 AM

United Healthcare Coverage
Has anyone had experience with United Healthcare covering the treatment of PWS? in particularly in Michigan?

Our 19mth old, Danny, is having is first laser treatment for his PWS on the left side of his face tomorrow. His Dad and I are nervous but hope it will go well. We were told it would only take about 60 seconds to target the affected areas. We are waiting to hear back from UHC about the predermination for medical benefits. I was told it was on a case by case basis whether they would cover the cost. Was hoping to hear from others who secured coverage.

cbstover 01-31-2004 10:36 PM

Re:United Healthcare Coverage
My son Jonathan also has a PWS on the left side of his face. We live in a suburb of Detroit and my insurance is through Beaumont Hospital as I am a nurse practitioner. We have gotten all 23 of his laser surgeries covered, though it took much effort and determination. His PWS surrounds his left eye and this, along with the risk of leathering, texture changes etc. helped us get the plastic surgeon's bill covered. Our plastic surgeon (Ken Shaheen in Troy) and his staff were also helpful in getting the services covered. The biggest problem we had was the anesthsiologist bill. I had to fight for a long time -several times to get those covered, and each time I had to explain to them that a 2month old...5yr old will not stay still etc. Be persistant and dilligent. Good Luck, Carrie

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