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twinmommy 05-26-2011 03:45 PM

How do you administer your Propranolol??
Ruby got her meds yesterday, I gave it to her with a little apple juice (med is not flavored, or rather has a medicin'y taste). She projectile vomited shortly after (she has reflux) and now I'm wondering how to give it to her.

Do you give yours before breakfast? after? with? Tell me your tips.... Ruby is actually on a sister beta blocker, not prop, but it is in the same family and similar.

Sad day yesterday, I was changing her diaper and she got her hand free and RIPPED the scab off her H. (it has ulcerated as of last Saturday) It was a rough night... :(

blessedmom10 05-26-2011 10:34 PM

Sorry I didn't know how old you dd is now. But my ds is 9 months. I give his in a syringe just the medicine. It is flavored banana (since it has to be compounded-so they just add it then). I just squirt 1/2 ml at a time in his mouth and he swallows it right down-follow that with a little water in same syringe. I use to give it and make sure I feed right after, but I am not as strict about that now. It just seems to fall either right after he ate or he will be eating soon.

Sorry to hear about the ulceration. I thought my ds inner lip was trying to ulcerate the other day, but now wonder if it could have been from his recent hand foot and mouth dx (even though that was 10 days prior).

God bless and good luck
Blessed Mom

twinmommy 05-27-2011 04:05 AM

She is 8 weeks on Saturday (twin, adjusted age 4 weeks).

I asked about flavoring and they said they had cherry, but I need to request it next time. I ended up giving it today with half/half diluted apple juice, since her Ped. had said she could have 1 oz of apple juice for constipation.

I'm so exhausted having both girls by myself for the next few days, I can't burp my baby with the H because she bashes it into the cloth and it is WIDE open... the diaper changes are impossible alone unless I bind her arms... so she is just very, very sad. She's been swaddled since yesterday at noon and not happy about it... the look of pain just breaks my heart :(

shanarama 06-09-2011 05:20 PM

I've been giving my daughter propranolol for almost 9 months now and I give it to her with her bottle. I make a bottle, shake it all up and then take the top off, put the nipple in her mouth and squirt in the meds and she sucks it down. Then I put the top back on and give her the rest of the bottle. Her meds aren't flavored either.

Good Luck, giving babies medicine is never easy.

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