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Rory M 06-12-2011 05:41 PM

birthmark removal
Hello all. I have a birthmark I am hoping to get removed but am having trouble finding a doctor to do so.When I first came across this site I had alot of hope that I would find the connections necessary to get this done but so far that hasnt been the case. I had been in talks with one dr who said the procedure could be done but talks have come to a halt for some unknown reason. Other drs I have tried contacting simply havent responed to any of my emails. It seems that as soon as I started to ask about cost then the conversation ceased. Is this common? My insurance declined to cover the procedure because it was deemed cosmetic in nature. I was alowed an appeal but Im guessing that failed as I havent heard anything more from either my insurance or the Dr I was in talks with.
The lesion on my scalp is flat and about 1" x 2" in size so its not all that big. Finding out the necessary details would seem to be a simple thing but this is getting very frustrating. Cost is a very important part of the desicion for me(as I believe it would be with most people) but I have yet to get anyone to give me a ballpark figure of what something like this costs. I am not made of money so this isnt a minor detail as it seems to be treated as. No where in all my searches have i come accross a figure. If I went to a plastic surgeon and asked how much breat implants cost they would be able to give me a estimate. Why not with this sort of procedure?
Any advice you folks can provide would be greatly appreciated and please excuse my tone its just that this is a very frustrating experiance but I am determineed to get this done.

kaykay 06-13-2011 02:00 AM

i won't be of any help but i wanted to say just keep trying. I know it might me frustating and annoying but try getting in touch with the doctors again.

good luck

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