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Rory M 06-12-2011 05:56 PM

birthmark removal
Hello all. (Not sure which forum to put this in so Ill put it here too.Maybe a mod can delete it if its in wrong spot.)
I have a birthmark I am hoping to get removed but am having trouble finding a doctor to do so.When I first came across this site I had alot of hope that I would find the connections necessary to get this done but so far that hasnt been the case. I had been in talks with one dr who said the procedure could be done but talks have come to a halt for some unknown reason. Other drs I have tried contacting simply havent responed to any of my emails. It seems that as soon as I started to ask about cost then the conversation ceased. Is this common? My insurance declined to cover the procedure because it was deemed cosmetic in nature. I was alowed an appeal but Im guessing that failed as I havent heard anything more from either my insurance or the Dr I was in talks with.
The lesion on my scalp is flat and about 1" x 2" in size so its not all that big. Finding out the necessary details would seem to be a simple thing but this is getting very frustrating. Cost is a very important part of the desicion for me(as I believe it would be with most people) but I have yet to get anyone to give me a ballpark figure of what something like this costs. I am not made of money so this isnt a minor detail as it seems to be treated as. No where in all my searches have i come accross a figure. If I went to a plastic surgeon and asked how much breat implants cost they would be able to give me a estimate. Why not with this sort of procedure?
Any advice you folks can provide would be greatly appreciated and please excuse my tone its just that this is a very frustrating experiance but I am determineed to get this done.

missy 06-13-2011 02:36 AM

Hi and welcome!

I don't know for sure, but I think one of the reasons that no one can give you a quote on how much treatment will cost is that there are too many factors to consider. Some birthmarks seem stubborn and take more treatments. Some birthmarks are misdiagnosed. The type of laser used would make a difference.

Your best bet is to schedule a consultation and see a physician in person. If you need help with your insurance company, try writing to Basia, our insurance expert via


nickbar 06-13-2011 05:22 PM


If you'd like, send me a picture and any details about your lesion. I can talk to a specialist and find out what your out of pocket might be and then see if they think we could win an insurance appeal.

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