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blessedmom10 07-06-2011 03:44 AM

H inside mouth, do I need a dentist that knows about H's?
My ds is 11 months old and his first tooth is breaking through. He has the purple coloring of Hemangiomas inside his mouth (lower gums, under tongue and on bottom of tongue, and in partiod gland--found on MRI). His other H's are in his airway (subglottic) and lower lip. He takes Propranolol, but they want to start weaning at 12-15 months. He has not had any problems other than excess drooling. No, not the kind with teething. Even at 2 weeks old, he would have a "puddle" on the sheet when he slept and he soaks several bibs a day--my guess the partiod gland H, even though no one has said that.

Do I need to be "doing" anything due to the H in his mouth? Other than a pediatric dentist, do I need to look for a special dentist to check him out? I asked the "hemangioma doctor" (plastics dr @ cranialfacial office) about this. His response at 6 month visit was a nonchalant--they (hemangiomas) will stop growing before his teeth come in.

Is teeth and issue? Are there problems down the road?

Thanks for any responses
ds dob 7/2010, hemangiomas and MSPI-on Elecare formula--low wt gain (like his sister)

missy 07-06-2011 03:57 AM

I would ask an expert, probably Dr. Levitin.

Let us know what happens!!


smurph 07-06-2011 05:11 AM

I don't know too much about this....but I do remember our specialist saying that my daughter's lip hemangioma might sort of "flare up" when she cuts a new tooth. I did notice extra redness at times but nothing extraordinary. Hers didn't really go into her gums very much though. She started getting teeth at around 4 months of age so her hemangioma was still in its growth phase (although she was on steroids so that kept it under control.) You have a good question...I'm sure it would be helpful to have a dentist who is knowledgeable about hemangiomas.


kelly007 07-06-2011 09:28 AM

Hi there, my daughter Lauren has beard distribution hemangiomas which were in her airway, on her lower gums, under her tongue and entire lower lip. I did read somewhere a few years ago that sometimes children who had hemangiomas on their gumline lost their teeth slightly earlier then the average child (unsure of why tho!) but at 3.5 years of age my daughter's teeth are still definitely firm and intact. Her gums are still red but honestly we have never had any teeth issues. Her teeth came through as per normal and her hemangiomas had pretty much stopped growing by the time her teeth appeared. The biggest worry for us was her banging her lower lip and causing it to bleed. We have always taken our 3 children to a paediatric dentist but this had nothing to do with the hemangioma and the dentist has never done anything different to Lauren because of her hemangioma then she has done to my other two children. Definitely wouldnt hurt to ask an expert though. :)

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