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sammy79 07-30-2011 09:53 PM

Lip Hemangiama
Hi guys, just discovered this site and wanted to ask about something that has been bothering me for some time.

I've had a hemangioma on my lip my whole life. 4 years ago I had it surgically removed however it has come back but not to the extent that it was before. I'm confused because I thought this was something you would get as a kid and I don't understand why it would come back once it's been surgically removed. I guess I'm looking for some background information and I'm wondering if I'm going to have it surgically removed every 4 years?

abatie 07-30-2011 10:15 PM

Are you sure it was diagnosed correctly? From what I have learned about hemangiomas on this board they are a childhood problem and if it was removed it shouldn't have returned. This isn't my area because my child has CMTC and not a hemangioma so I can't be sure I am right. There are many others around that will check in soon that know more about this. This is a very active section of the board.

sammy79 07-30-2011 10:41 PM

Yes that's what I though as well. Before I got it removed it was pretty noticeable, it was bluish and purplish in color, i think the doctor described it as a strawberry hemangioma. After I had the surgery it was prety much gone but now it's been coming back for the last two years although it's not as big as it was before but I guess it bothers me mentally. The surgery was not fun as I couldn't really eat anything for 1 week after because of the scar so I really would rather not do that again.

abatie 07-30-2011 11:38 PM

I have heard of a lot of times that vascular malformations are misdiagnosed as hemangiomas. Wait and see what others say but my thought is that you were probably misdiagnosed. It may also be tough to find a specialist to give you the correct diagnosis. Have you checked the physician list to see if there is anyone in your area?

smurph 08-08-2011 01:03 PM

I agree that it probably wasn't a hemangioma. I bet if you email one of the physicians on here they will be very helpful to you. They are very knowledgeable about the differences. Good luck! I hope you are able to find some answers.


nickbar 08-08-2011 10:12 PM

Let me know if you need any help

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