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Megs01 08-27-2011 02:47 PM

Ideas for covering a scar left from hemangioma
My now 5 year old has a bald patch and white scarred area (approximately 5cm x 4cm) on the back of her head. This was from a large hemangioma that completely ulcerated and required laser treatment to heal the wound. The hemangioma is now resolved and the wound is covered by her hair unless she wears it up / braided ect, which she now wants to do.She has brown hair and the white scar and bald patch stands out. We are anxious that she will soon start being teased at school. My question is does anyone have any suggestions for how to darken the scar and make it less obvious? Surgery has been suggested by her specialist but we have been told it will involve a minimum of 2 operations (and possibly having a balloon inserted under the skin and gradually inflated) due to the size and position of the scar, so we are trying to look for alternatives.
We are happy to give anything a go so any ideas would be appreciated.

tashiestamp 09-16-2011 04:35 AM

You can try the think headbands that look like patterns. with flowers over the braids or pony that might cover. Not sure if it is down by her neck or right in the middle of the back of her head. Hope this helps. Not sure about the color changing of the scar.

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