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abatie 09-12-2011 07:44 PM

Body Temp. for Medical Waiver
In SD the new daycare guidelines require that the providers only give children 1% milk unless they have a medical waiver for 2%. Becca doesn't maintain body temp. very well and during the winter last year she gained no weight from Sept. to May because all of her calories were being burned to keep her body temp. up. Would I be out of line to ask our doctor to sign a waiver for this reason? Last year she was on whole milk and still gained no weight. The cardiologist also watches her weight gain because of her heart issues.

missy 09-13-2011 02:35 AM

I don't know if the calorie difference would really be worth the fight?? Instead, send in high calorie brownies (I'll go to day care for brownies!!)

I had a sort of similar fight with the middle school. I was told to send in a snack (BECAUSE LUNCH IS LATE!!) and that it had to be less than 100 calories. Really? Why bother? Since my kids have such food allergies, we don't buy snacks, we MAKE em! Well, they told my son he couldn't have his because he couldn't prove they were less than 100 calories. (trail mix .. cashews, raisins, gold raisins, dried cranberries, and allergy friendly choc chips) I made them prove they WERE more than 100 calories.

Have you thought about some nutritional supplement for Becca? Ensure, Pediasure, even Neocate? She needs some calories. What is her weight?

The most embarrassing moment. ever. was when we started a consult with a nutritionist and the first thing she said was, "Your kids are not getting enough calories." :(


abatie 09-13-2011 02:53 AM

Well I don't think it will really be much of a fight because the state has the forms but you just have to get them signed by a doctor. I have to take her in on Thurs. anyway so I think she would sign it.

We have also thought about supplements but when we have tried them she really won't take them. Becca is about 22 pounds at 24 months. She is tall for her age.

We have parents of kids that are getting these waivers signed for kids that are developing normally and we aren't even considering it for our 4 year old. We are only considering it because of the body temp./weight issues Becca has related to CMTC. Our daycare even told us she would prefer to keep Becca on whole milk (that is what she has been giving her) but these new regulations have her hands tied. I understand childhood obesity is an issue but I don't think the problem is whether a kid is getting 2% or 1% milk but rather the junk they are eating.

missy 09-13-2011 12:13 PM


I understand childhood obesity is an issue but I don't think the problem is whether a kid is getting 2% or 1% milk but rather the junk they are eating.
Yep. I get it too! The quality of the calories does matter.

If you are going in anyway, then I guess it's no big deal to get the form signed. I just don't know that I would make a special trip for it.

How are things otherwise? You feeling like yourself yet?


abatie 09-13-2011 04:19 PM

I am feeling great and doing well. I was dismissed from physical therapy after only two visits (my doctor said that is a record for the surgery I had) and he just told me to keep doing the Wii because I was getting better results doing my own thing than all the regular stuff done in physical therapy. We are taking Becca in on Thursday to get that deep dimple looked at to decide if we need further evaluation, to talk about the x-rays that physical therapy thinks she needs and then also discuss when she needs her next thyroid test. She hasn't had one for almost two years and they told us initially to stay on top of that but the doctor who told us that no longer sees her (she was dismissed from derm. at Mayo over a year ago and will only go back if there are more skin issues) so we are in kind of a tough place to know when some of this needs to be repeated. Our family doctor is usually just taking our lead at this point because she says I know much more about it than she does (but I don't have the medical degree). We just keep plugging away day after day. Becca woke up this morning and told me, "Its cold!" and she was right about 43 degrees. I guess it is time for her heater again (she was in shorts on Sunday!).

abatie 09-15-2011 11:39 PM

The doctor couldn't believe that the government was requiring daycares to serve 1% milk and signed the form saying that Becca needs 2%. She didn't think her dimple was anything to worry about but I also don't think she knew about tethered cords. I am not really at ease about this but I will just keep an eye on it. She did go ahead and teat her thyroid again but wants to know why that is a concern before the next time. I couldn't tell her except that we were told to have it checked regularly. I guess I just don't know. She also said not to worry about the x-ray. She will see her again in four months.

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