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amyrene 09-15-2011 09:22 PM

so many emotions
Hello All...

My daughter Mya was born in May 2011 with a half dollar size H on her abdomen. I wasn't to worried about it when she was born the doctors re-assured me that it would go away, noone told me it would grow or get worse so i really didnt mind it, i didnt think it was ugly or scarry. Just different. Over the next month it got worse. Growing and raised and a more deep red color. I brung up my concern at her 2month check and they again told me it's fine it will start to break up and go away. So again i took there word for it. Now im worried. Her H is growing more and more. It has became ulcerated in parts and just a big black scab on it. It started bleeding about a week ago so i made a dr appt and they gave me a script for an antibiotic cream to use for 10days. the cream helps alot. keeps it moist and the bleeding is minimal. The drs reffered me to a specialist to have it checked out. Is this all normal? My daughter grabs at it in pain. Mind you she is only 4months old. She also has a small one behind her ear. Im so confused, so many emotions running through my head. I feel like its my fault, my father passed from melanoma. Is it ever going to go away? Is this black scabbing normal? Am i being a dramatic mother? I have another child who is 4years old and does not have any of these.

Anyones suggestions or expierences are welcome!
thank you

smurph 09-16-2011 01:03 AM

I am so sorry you are going through all this! A similar situation occurred with my daughter. She was born with a hemangioma on her lip. Her doc kept saying to leave it alone and it would go away. It eventually ulcerated and we ended up at a specialist with a daughter who was in a lot of pain and who could barely eat. Most hemangiomas do go away on their own but unfortunately others have more complications and need to be treated in some way, especially when ulcerations are involved. I would definitely go to the specialist and see what they have to say about treatment options....various medications, laser, surgery....just get all the info you can and then you might feel better about making a decision on a course of action. When my daughter's ulcerated we needed to put antibiotic cream on it and Aquaphor as well. We put Aquaphor on it daily for well over a year. It helped to keep it moist and I think it helped to prevent further ulceration (she was also on oral steroids for it too.) My daughter's did fade quite a bit on its own over the course of the years too. I have another daughter that had a pretty big hemangioma on her hand and that has totally gone away on it's own, so it is possible.

Hang it there. I know how hard it is. Even though it is so hard to believe it, it will go away eventually. Here's my daughters' photo albums so you can see the progression of their hemangiomas fading: c7&type=1 36&type=1


spaatz1329 09-16-2011 12:51 PM

It is very hard at first. There are so many questions! It doesn't really get easier, but at least you start to have answers and a plan. Find a good dermatologist, and come back here to read other people's journeys. It helps!

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