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abatie 12-12-2011 02:07 PM

CMTC area becoming very dark
Becca's affected leg has a spot that has become very dark in the last few days (in a location that is not normally one that tends to run darker) and it does not lighten when the rest of her leg does which is unusual. This morning when she woke up there is now black running through the middle. Any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions?

missy 12-13-2011 01:49 AM

No advice here. Maybe Dr. Levitin?

Perhaps he would know. Please come back and let us know what you find out.


abatie 12-13-2011 03:41 AM

I can't post to the link you gave me Missy. My computer tells me it is forbidden!
This is the same message that I get for VBF homepage. The only way that I can get here is by searching through Yahoo and then typing in the forum. I can't figure out what is wrong with my computer because it is my home computer that says I don't have permission. I would like to contact Dr. Levitin though. I did also post to the CMTC group on FB but nobody knew for sure. One of my friends their reminded me that Becca had something similar awhile ago but that it was more brown than this spot is. Another friend posted that their granddaughter had something similar but they never got any answers.

missy 12-13-2011 01:19 PM

Hi Alison,

Try a direct link if that does not work for some reason, type it up, attach a photo, and send it along to and I'll send it out from there.

I'll troubleshoot the forbidden message. Are you getting an error with the number 403 in it, or are you getting a different message?


abatie 12-13-2011 03:24 PM

I think it is 403 but I can't remember for sure. I am at work now but I will look tonight when I get home. Thanks for the trouble shooting.

abatie 12-13-2011 11:37 PM

Tonight her leg is much better so I am going to hold off e-mailing Dr. Levitin. I will keep watching it and if it continues to progressively get better I am not going to worry anymore. Now if her finger will start healing up we will really be on a roll (she made a trip to the ER last night-silly girl).

I got in tonight without the error message but sometimes that happens. I am not really sure why. If you figure out anything with that let me know. I never get the message at work but only at home.

missy 12-14-2011 12:50 PM


Glad to hear her leg is looking better. Keep Dr. Levitin in mind if you want to talk to him about it.

What happened to her finger??


abatie 12-14-2011 04:08 PM

She stuck it in the hole that is used to hang a dust pan (a metal one) and then it got stuck. Her sister helped her by pulling it off and tearing her skin with it. We took her in for stitches but there was nothing that they could pull together to stitch so they clotterized part of it. Now more of it is oozing and so we need to keep an eye on it. I am guessing it may mean a return trip to the clinic since she had a low grade fever this morning. We will see how it looks tonight. Our doctor is out of the office on Wed. so there isn't anything I can do today anyway.

missy 12-15-2011 01:20 AM

Oh no! Poor Becca. I hope she's better soon!


abatie 01-03-2012 03:42 PM

Over Christmas break we got to the bottom of this issue and I thought I would share what we found out. The bruising was caused by her asthma medication. The allergist told us he sees this in the elderly population that he treats but never in children. In the elderly it is caused by their vascular system not working as well and thinning of the skin. HELLO-CMTC written all over those issues! Anyway, any steroid she takes will do the same thing. He lowered her dose and is hoping that she will remain in good control of her asthma but if not we will have to go back up to the higher dose. She may still have bruising at the current dose but hopefully it will be better.

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