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sunbeam10 11-25-2002 08:29 PM

Aging and PWS
Hello.. am from Maryland, male, 62, PWS covers pretty much the left side of my face and I've been told over the years that it extends inside my mouth and down my throat... Have a couple times, in fact, been willing subject of inspection by dentists-in-training (had a lot of work done about 20 years ago at Uof Maryland Dental School.) ... Frankly, the birthmark's never bothered me (married 31 years, father of three, no work problems, and I'd learned by, oh, about age 9 how to deal with young kids who point and say, "Ooh, mommy:...etc.), and it kept me out of the draft for the Vietnam War (was classified II-Y, if memory serves, the same bracket as then-Cassius Clay)...

Am curious to hear more re something I've read in connex with PWS; that is, it's sometimes accompanied by other skin problems as aging occurs. In past decade, I've developed several small, mole-like defects within the PWS... my family doc has checked several times; says appears normal, nothing to worry about... haven't made it to Boston for a clinic but just added next October's affair in New York City to my calendar...

Any thoughts, common experiences re the aging thing?

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