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russmatt11 03-08-2012 01:04 PM

For Help With Blood Flow And Pulsating Avm
I just wanted to let everyone know of a great miracle I came across. For the last month or so I have been taking wheatgrass for many different health reasons. Here is info : has helped me greatly so far.Just wanted to share I am pain free and my arm no longer pulsates.

missy 03-08-2012 01:32 PM

It always amazes me (I don't know why ... easily amazed?) when we start noticing a connection between what goes IN our bodies and what goes ON in our bodies. I'm glad you've found something that made you feel better!

We have gluten allergies around here, so wheatgrass isn't something I would even put in the shopping cart! LOL But how I would love to be able to try it.

The link is



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