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kimjones3 03-14-2012 12:27 PM

Hemanioma on breast now 14 and wanting surgery
Hiya, my daughter developed a hemangioma on her chest when she was just a few weeks old, this grew in size considerably and she was put on steroids to stop it growing any more. We were told that it would gradually shrink over time and the bright red would disappear. She is now fourteen and the birthmark did shrink and the redness faded but we are now faced with a new problem. She has not got a nipple on that side where the birthmark was and has a considerably smaller breast on this side being a 34 B whereas the other breast is 34 DD.

We have been advised that she could have a breast implant to even up the difference in sizes which she is keen to have done.

Anyone else on here with a birthmark that is on the breast?

missy 03-15-2012 01:07 AM

Hi and welcome!

I have no advice for you at all. I know that you have already written to some of the experts (at least, I think I saw you in the database?), so when you hear from them, let us know what they say.

Otherwise, it might be a while before someone comes along who has experience with that.


london1982 10-17-2013 05:33 PM

I'm 30 and I have what your daughter has. In fact, she's the first person I've heard of that has this! It is really really rare - and I have searched the internet for years to try and find others like me.
I was born with a hemangioma/strawberry nevus on my left breast that was bright red in colour, and it grew as my breast developed. It covers the whole of my left breast including the nipple.
My parents were given very little support (I think because the doctors didn't really know much about it) and were told consistently that it would just "go away on its own" in a couple of years after it first appeared. Then they were told it would go away by the time I was 8, then by 12....and it didn't disappear - it just got bigger as my breast got bigger. It also used to weep a lot when I was younger so they had to stitch it up - which caused a lot of scarring.
When I reached the age of 16, laser surgery was quite new and they decided that they could use this to take away the redness (it was always very obvious when wearing a swimming costume or low cut top). It was painful (like being snapped with a rubber band over and over again!) and caused the birthmark to go black each time they lasered it - but eventually it made the birthmark go to a normal skin colour. The extra layer of thin skin, and scars from the weeping, are still there though.
But my main issue was still there - the breast hadn't grown properly (I had a similar size issue to your daughter), it was a slightly odd shape and not full and round, and the nipple is a lot smaller than my normal breast.
I live in the UK so the NHS (National Health Service) gave me a free implant on this breast - this is because I went to the doctor and explained the psychological issues it had caused me (not feeling like a real woman/self image problems/not wanting to take my bra off in front of boys). After the implant I didn't have to stuff my bra anymore and the breast was now full and round. Unfortunately over time I still felt lop-sided and uneven, as the fake breast was hard and pert, and the normal breast dropped a lot lower.
4 years ago I decided to have breast implants done on both breasts and the old one taken out.
Even though I'm still not fully happy with my breasts and the birthmark and scarring is still there - it's a LOT better than it was.
I wish there was more help out there though. I'd love to know if I can have the birthmark removed but I think it would cause too much damage...
Anyway I hope this helps you
Good luck with everything

gloria 02-20-2014 03:46 PM

My daughter is three and she has this. The hemangioma started when she was a few weeks old and grew till she was about 10 months. It began to recede and has continued to do so. At least half of the redness is now gone. She is 3 1/2 now. There is a little bit of excess tissue so the affected breast and nipple is puffier than the other one. Both nipples are still inverted.

We were taking the "wait and see" approach.

Do you think there is anything that can be done at this stage to prevent problems in the future? Is there anyone I can consult with about this?

missy 02-21-2014 01:11 AM

Hi and welcome!

Go to and ask Dr. Levitin. He will write you back quickly and give you good advice.


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