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smilo143 04-27-2012 06:40 PM

Nervous about giving daughter Propranolol- pictures included
I have a 5 month old daughter with an H on cheek about the size of a nickel. I have a 4 year old that had an H on her crown of head when she was baby and it faded completely way by 3 years old(hair also covered it up). I went to Vanderbilt childrens dermatologist(Mike Smith) this week and he is a believer in Propanolol. He has seen great results. But I am very nervous b/c drug has not been used very long on babies and is still a trial drug. Has anyone heard of a face H going away of this size and leaving no scars? Anyone had bad side effects of Propanalol(i've heard BP/glucose needs to be monitored)?!/photo.php...type=1&theater!/photo.php...type=1&theater!/photo.php...type=1&theater

smurph 04-28-2012 12:15 AM

Hi there!
We did not use propanalol because it was not used at the time my daughter was treated but I have heard many positive things with not too many side effects. I'm sure others will chime in. Mostly I want to write because your post jumped out at me for another reason. I have 4 daughters and 3 have hemangiomas. My 7 year old has one on her lip (steroids, surgery and laser). One of my 3 year old twins had a big one the encompassed the whole side of her hand (no treatment). It's almost entirely gone now. And then her twin sister had a small one on her arm that is fading gradually. Hers is the smallest and seems to be taking the longest to go away ironically. I thought it was interesting to see you also had 2 daughters with hemangiomas.


smilo143 04-28-2012 03:33 AM

2 daughters with H's
That is interesting to see the link.I've heard that having children early and also twins is a link to hemangiomas. The only reason I had all 3 of my daughters early was b/c my blood pressure went high the week I delivered them all. I normally have great blood pressure. I was told my 1st and 3rd pregnancies looked like I started out being pregnant with twins; I had 2 placentas after delivery with those births. My 4 yr old daughter was 3 1/2 weeks early, my 2 yr old daughter was 1 1/2 weeks early, and my 6 month old daughter was 3 weeks early.
Have you had much success with no scarring on the face? The doctor said if we left it alone to go away on its own that she may need surgery to remove extra skin or laser for scarring.

Crobbins 04-30-2012 12:34 AM

Your DD is adorable. I responded in the other thread but wanted to
Answer here as well... Propranolol has been around for A long time... It was used in babies for cardiac issues... The usage for Hemangionmas is only pretty recent. when we started propranolol we had a 6 hour stay in the hospital to monitor her blood sugar etc... But it had never been an issue. Good luck!!

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