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blanca 05-30-2012 07:36 PM

PROPANOLOL: anyone notice side effects?
i am wondering if anyone who has infants or children that are still too young to express (verbally) how they feel, what side effects have you noticed with your child while on Propanolol.

when my baby was 6 weeks and introduced to this med, all dr. told me to look for was: do not give if baby gets sick, bluish skin around toes or face. those were the main concerns. i read the informational pamphlet that is given at walgreens when i get this medication and you know how many side effect all meds have, so i read them and did not think much, but flash forward, under possible side effects and under: CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY if you experience....mental or mood changes (eg, depresson), i became concerned.

a month ago, i noticed my baby's (who is taking 1.1ml 3 times a day) personality become more "mad". did not think much of since this is my 4th daughter and figured... oh, no, another drama momma, lol!"

but last night, after giving her the med, she had trouble sleeping (which is a possible side effect and has only had trouble falling as sleep once before while on med, but not with tantrum) and was grunting and putting her fists together and sorta like thowing a fit (best way i can describe it).

i am wondering also, if the mental/mood changes (which are based on adults) ...what about infants?

i am going to call dr. mathes and see what she says, but wanted to check in with you to see if anyone has noticed mood changes or any other side effects.


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