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blanca 05-31-2012 06:05 PM

pics to share
2 Attachment(s) are two pictures of my lil' one. the 6 week one is right before propanolol treatment and before even knowing anything about hemangiomas (we thought and we told by others that they were salmon patches or something of that sort and that they would go away and not worry...little did we know).

the other pic, is the most recent one. what a difference huh? the only thing left are those "spidery" H's that she has on her left cheek, on the left side of her temple, and left upper corner of her forehead. i was told by the specialist, dr. mathes, that most likely those "spidery" ones are not going to go away with propanolol and will go away with time. what do you think?
i'm debating wether to request laser treatment soon, instead of palying the "wait and see" game. my main concern is that kids will make fun of her when she starts pre-school and that it will affect her emotionally.

any thoughts?

the 7 month old pic is not the best so you are not able to see the spidery H's that good, but they are there and look a bit more prominent than the pic shows.

=) blanca

smurph 06-01-2012 03:12 AM

Hi! I just responded to your other post asking for pictures....and then I saw these pictures! Oh she is so cute! The fact that it has already gone away so much already I think is a good sign...time will tell, but there's a probably a good chance they will go away on their own. I've heard propanolol doesn't really work when the hemangioma is already involuting (I could be wrong on that) but maybe that's where the doctor was coming from. If it were me, I'd wait it out a few years so I didn't have to put her through the laser if it ends up not being necessary....then if you feel like there's still no change before pre-school or kindergarten you could do it then. But that's just me! You should do whatever you feel most comfortable with. I sent you links to my daughters photo albums so you can see how her hand hemangioma went away totally on it's own. Just to get an idea. I sent my other daughter's too so you could see how hers did not go away on its own and she had laser at age 6. Just thought they might be helpful in some way!


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