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lauren7844 06-13-2012 03:22 PM

PWS laser progress
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I just wanted to post a picture of my 16 month old Marlow who has a PWS on her left cheek. When she was born it was a dark red color, went a bit above the eyebrow, to the tip of nose, upper lip, and then on her cheek almost to the hairline. We've been seeing Dr. Nelson at Beckman Laser since she was 9 weeks. She's had 11 treatments thus far. Her PWS has faded in color and size. It no longer is on the eyebrow area, nose, lip or outer cheek. Generally people don't even notice it, they just think shes flushed or blushing. We have our next appt at the end of June.

swaltjen 06-15-2012 05:02 AM

Wow! That's amazing! She is adorable!!! May you have continued success!

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