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Koda 04-13-2004 05:37 AM

Hello everyone :)

I've been reading a lot of posts here and looking at some pictures. My birth marks are on the right side of my face under the eye and slightly touching the upper lip, on my temples, on the left part of my jaw and on both sides of my neck. I was told that my birthmark was PWS, but it seems much lighter in color and it is not as bright red as it was 7-8 yrs ago (I am 24 yrs old). It is not getting darker, there is no texture to it and it gets mistaken for acne due to it's shape/appearance (the part that is on the right side of my face). Is it possible that PWS fades with age or doesn't change in color? or is it possible that I don't have PWS and it's rather something else (it has been present since birth)? I am also curious if anyone could recommend a good doctor in Boston, MA area and what are the costs that came with appointments (rough estimates would be greatly appreaciated) Thnx so much for any help, advice, or response. ;)

Lise 04-15-2004 02:22 AM


There is a list of doctors recommended in Boston on Also, I suggest that you post your questions on that other site: it is very well-informed on PWS.


MoopMeep 04-15-2004 09:07 PM

I recommend Boston University Skin & Laser center, its on 930 Comm Ave.
(617) 278-6760

I have gone to two doctors, one in stoughton and one at the BU Laser center. The one at the BU Laser Center was a Dr. Toma but I don't recommend him. At the BU Laser Center there is a Laser nurse name Kathy, she is awesome, I recommend her.

Although she is only a laser nurse, she seemed alot more competant than the two doctors I saw. She asks you questions and she really listens to what you say. She also realizes that the laser does hurt, so as she is doing a laser treatment she makes sure the patient isn't too uncomfortable. Finally, after the treatment the doctors would basically give me an ice bag and say later, Kathy on the other hand made me stay another 20 minutes so we could ice my face. She thought part of the problem with my scabbing was because I wasn't icing properly.

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