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Becs NZ 08-31-2012 02:38 AM

Forehead/Hairline Haemangioma- any one else?
Hi All,

I am new to this but stumbled across this website and found some of the discussions really useful.

I live in New Zealand and have 2 daughters with haemangiomas. My 2 yr old has one on her buttock and one on her upper back. Both have started involuting and we have taken the wait and watch approach since they are not that visible.

However, my 2 mth old daughter has a strawberry haemangioma on her forehead- just in her hairline. It is currently about 3.5 cm by 2.5cm and raised by about 1cm. It is growing much faster than our first daughters and I'm worried about how big it may get.... We have seen a paediatric dermatologist who said we could start propranolol if we wanted to but she recommended we dont as it should have "a good cosmetic outcome without treatment". She said this because at the moment it is in the hairline so once involuted the hair should cover any remaining tissue or red marks.

Anyone else out there with a child with a haemangioma in the same place? I'm interested in whether you did anything about it or not, and whether hair grew once involution started?

I am so aware of others peoples reactions so I always have a hat or thick hairband on my daughter when we go out. I guess once her hair grows longer we may be able to cover it more....but that is a wee way off and will depend on how much bigger it gets....

Any advice or experiences appreciated.

adnama 09-05-2012 01:49 PM

Hi Rebecca, we did the wait & see approach b/c that's what our family Doctor told us to do, but our son's H ended up growing pretty big. He just had surgery for it in June (he's 3 now). I'll try to attach a link so you can see his before and after pics. It's hard to know what to do because you don't know how big its going to get. Have you ask if lazer could be an option? I would first figure out what all your options are and then chose what will be best for your daughter. Good luck & keep us posted :)

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uagreen 09-07-2012 09:37 PM

My daughter's was on her hairline. She is 7 months old now, and it is barely noticeable. We treated it with Timolol 3 times a day from age 9 weeks to now. I posted result pics on this site just now. Go check them out! I know how scary it can be!

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