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blondie02_84 09-10-2012 07:44 PM

Please help me
Hello everyone. My baby girl, Chloe, was born on June 18, 2012. As soon as she was born we noticed her right arm was very dark purple. The nurses and doctors at the hospital said it was as a result of birth trauma. When we took her home, it never went away. It would get worse when she was cold or crying. What was worse was when I noticed her hand on the affected arm looked bigger than the other hand. We took her to her pediatrician who immediately made an appointment for her with a pediatric surgeon at the OU Children's Hospital. The surgeon didn't know what it was so he sent us to a pediatric orthopedic doctor. He also didn't know what it was so he sent her to get an ultrasound and speak with vascular specialists. There, 3 doctors saw her and told us she had Cutis Marmorata. They said it was rare and had never seen it in the hospital before, so they took pictures to show their residents. They said that it will go away as she gets older and didn't offer any sort of information or help to us. I've been doing research and I can't figure out the difference between Cutis Marmorata and CMTC. From what I can tell, CMTC can come with other health problems. Now I'm freaking out and upset and don't know what to expect for my daughter's future. Can someone out there please help me?

*I can post pictures if I need to*

Thank you all so much!

abatie 09-24-2012 04:07 AM

Curis marmorata is that purple coloring babies get when they are cold or upset. As the skin matures it does go away. CMTC is a vascular birthmark that doesn't go away. It may lighten some as your child matures but may not. It is always present even though at times it may be lighter. It darkens when cold or your baby is stressed (sometimes warm also). It may have other health issues but not always. I am in contact with families that have children with only markings and some with many health issues. Doctors can't predict if your child will or will not have further complications.

I forgot to mention I am a mom of a three year old with CMTC.

jobbink 10-03-2012 07:29 AM

I'm new on here, and this is my first post. I'm very sorry, I do know how you feel and its not a good daughter Emma has CMTC, she was born June 3rd 2011. Your not alone ! My daughter has it on both arms her stomach and back and her left leg, which is smaller than the other.
Does your daughter have the purple on her hand ?
If it is CMTC , her blood vessels are dilated and they restrict the growth of the tissues and fat underneath. Maybe that is why her hand appears bigger ? Maybe it would be helpful to post some pictures.
Where are you from ? I know in your post you said OU, I'm guessing Ohio but not sure.
Hope you and your daughter are doing ok.

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