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Jenni 09-19-2012 03:09 AM

Anyone have experience with laser procedure w/no anesthesia?
My daughter is 18 months old with a lower lip hemangioma. We stopped her medication 2 months ago and her dermatologist said that she is a canidate for a laser procedure. I was told that she would not be put under or given any injected/topical numbing medication. Her doctor describes the pain as a rubber band snap and will only last 5-10 seconds. We made an appointment, but I'm very nervous. I'm thinking younger is better, because hopefully she won't remember it. Has anyone had a similiar situation?

evanskl4 10-12-2012 06:36 PM

Hi Jenni,

My daughter has had 4 laser treatments without anesthesia. She is younger than your LO though (almost 10 months). We did try numbing cream with the first treatment but it is messy and I dont know that it made that much of a difference. I think the most traumatic part is just being held down. I'd just have some kind of treat/reward ready to give her afterwards and she will forget about it in a few minutes. Good luck!

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