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chartkopp 11-03-2012 05:57 PM

Intramuscular hemangioma
We found at my 16 year daughter has a hemangioma in her left calf muscle, we went around and around with doctors and finally got sent to Mayo clinic in MN and they did a procedure there for her, our hopes were high but it only relieved the pain for about two months. Going back up there they talked about doing it again but this time instead of using the foam they want to use alcohol and that scares me a bit. We are right now using lidocaine patches and a 30-40mg compression sock to help with pain but got onto here hope that someone knew of somewhere or something new we can do or try. They haven't done a new MRI on her but the pain is now from her knee to her ankle and gets worse all the time. If anyone has any suggestions or found something out please let me know.

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