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zither 11-08-2012 07:41 PM

Venous Malformation on Face?
My son has a venous malformation on the right side of his face spreading from his lip through to his cheek and now it is tracking around his eye.

When he was 8 yrs old he had laser treatment on his lip as it grew so big he could not eat and had problems speaking. The laser treatment worked very well but grew back 15 yrs later. Unfortunately the doctor who treated him now says that there is nothing he can do for him as they do not have the laser at the hospital anymore.

Meanwhile the malformation on his cheek and around his eye continues to grow. He did see another doctor 5 yrs ago and had MRI scans but the treatment the doctor suggested sounded like something from a horror movie. With a very high risk of him losing his eye or even the toxic substance that he would use would enter the main vain in his face and travel around to his brain and probably do some damage there.

Since that horrifying consultation we have been looking for another doctor and our GP is willing to refer him.

So my question to anyone reading this is can you help by recommending a doctor in the UK who is familiar with venous malformations on the face and may be able to help.

Thank you.

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