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timeout 04-16-2004 05:46 AM

Should I be worried?
Hi! My name is Tina and my husband, Mike, and I have four children. Branden (9), Bailey (6), Nathaniel (4) and Megan (2). The first three children are boys are were born "perfect/normal". Then came our daughter. She was born very healthy and perfect, but the first thing I noticed when she was born was her arm was purple. The first thing I asked was 'Is she okay? What's wrong with her arm?' The nurse said they thought it was a birthmark and they were keeping an eye on it. That was all I ever heard about it. We took her to all her checkups and even extra ones when she was diagnosed with lead poisoning. Nothing was ever said about the birthmark; it was never given a "name". But someone did ask me one time if it was a Port Wine Stain and I had no idea what that was. Knowing nothing about birthmarks, I didn't think anything about Megan's birthmark because it was on her arm. I just thought that she would be fine. My mother-in-law, however, wanted us to have it removed while she was still an infant. We couldn't justify doing that to her since it really wasn't that bad. The birthmark covers her pinkie, part of her ring finger, and about half of her left hand. Then it goes up her left arm to her arm pit; but it doesn't cover her arm as one solid mark. It is more "spotted"-like. It is a light/medium pink color. It seemed like it was lightening up a bit, but now I'm not sure. It gets very dark purple when she gets cold, and especially after a bath. This last winter it seemed to be dark alot (we live in NE Wisconsin). Recently we have noticed that it is starting to raise a bit and it is starting to get a textured surface. I wasn't really concerned about it before, but after reading things here, I am wondering if we should have it looked at by a specialist and diagnosed as a type of birthmark.

It doesn't seem to affect the use of her arm. In fact, she sometimes uses her left hand to write/color and eat with a fork/spoon. I can't tell if she's right or left-handed. :)

But I am wondering if I should have concerns.

Thanks for listening,

hankbartenbach 04-19-2004 02:00 AM

Re:Should I be worried?
Hi Tina,

In my own experience the reason the arm gets darker when she is cold, right out of the bath, crying, active, etc, etc. I because it fills with blood and gets larger. After she calms down it goes back to normal. This happens to me PWS on my face all the time. It does not hurt, I really can not tell the difference exept when I look in the mirror or someones says something at the gym when I am working out.

You do have the option of doing laser treatment. I do not think it really hurts but I did it for 14 years. Before they could not do any more for me because of the depth of my marks. I also have hemangiomas which I will probably never get removed.
From how you discribed your daughters PWS it does not sound every bad at all because of how light it is, But I am not a doctor, and everybody's marks are different in some way.

If you go to the left of this page and under resources click on Find a physician and then go to your state or one close to you and find a doctor. It does not hurt just to get it looked at. If you do decide to do the treatment aske the doctor about a V-beam Pulse Dye Laser. This machine is safe from even infents. I have used this machine myself and out of all the machines I have tried I recommend that one is the best and hurts the least.

I wish you the best of luck and if you have any other questions please ask away. If I can not answer it I am sure someone on this site can.


timeout 04-19-2004 04:26 AM

Re:Should I be worried?
Thank you, Hank, for the reply.

I will do that. :)

simonne 05-30-2004 01:36 PM

Re:Should I be worried?
Hi there

This sounds identical to my daughters birthmark she has a pws. We were lucky at the hospital to get refered to a specialist and we are seeing a laser specialist in August. Apparently the earlier you treat it the better the result. We will just have to wait and see. I to am very surprised as to the lack of knowledge the general doctors have of the condition. I does pay to investigate you options.

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