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JessieIvy 11-24-2012 09:11 PM

Happy Review of Laser Treatment by Dr Geronemus for Hemangioma
I tried to upload pictures of my son's hemangioma before and after the laser treatment but had trouble with the upload function, so I will try to explain. We started seeing Dr Geronemus every 2 weeks for laser treatment when our son was 6 weeks old until the time he was 8 months old. His hemangioma was on his forehead, about the size of a quarter, and slightly raised. It was very dark maroon. During the growth phase, the treatment would prevent the hemangioma from growing much beyond where it was when we started. The treatment would be like 5 steps forward and then during the period until the next treatment it would grow back, so it was like 3 steps back (so we had progress with each treatment, though there was some regrowth, but never more than where the hemangioma was when we began treatment). At 8 months when we stopped treatment, Dr Geronemus (and we agreed) felt the treatment was no longer doing much for the hemangioma - it was no longer thick or raised or growing - at this point, it looked like a faded bruise, which is what people thought it was for many months. So we decided to stop treatment and keep an eye on it for any more growth. It never grew again - just gradually faded over the months and now at 16 months, it is pretty much not visible. We are extremely happy with the treatment. The treatments were very fast - less than 30 seconds per treatment - and we felt there weren't any risks. Each treatment caused some scabbing but this healed each time. Dr. Geronemus is wonderful and even responded to many questions I had over email, which I found amazing for such a busy doctor. I highly recommend him.

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