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austin67 01-03-2013 09:04 PM

worst spot ever to have birthmark!!1
at 6 months old a quarter sized hemangioma type birthmark appeared on my right chest. at age 5 it spread to be baseball size. doctors told my mom its nothing to worry about its just a hemangioma and will go away on its own...that was not the case. at age 12 hitting puberty it became painful due to my breast growing. throughout highschool it spread to my shoulder and under my armpit. the pain became more umbearable equivelent to rubber bands snapping my breast in random spots through out the day every day while my breast were still gorwing. i noticed when i did sports and id sweat, my entire breast would leave a huge embarassing sweat mark on my shirts. i decided not to do sports anymore.): i had my 1st child at 18, my first sign of pregnancy was rubberband pain snapping my breast all over alot more worse than what i had felt in hs. pain and sweating continued although the growing had stopped. my second child at age 20 i had the same symptom. my third child at age 22 i still had the same painfull symptom for the full 9 months. this birthmark has affected my life in every way. socially- ive been with my husband since we were 12 yrs old (for 10 years)..i never wanted to have a relationship with someone else because of the fear of what another man would say if he saw my birthmark/deformed breast since i already was comfortable with my husband seeing it for so long i decided to commit to him. i grew up in south florida and alot of people spent there times at beach or pool. i was to embarrassed to wear a bathing suit so i decided not to have any friends since i knew thats what most kids/ teens did for fun there. i sheltered myself in doors and with my husband (childhood friend). i am now 24 and i continue laser treatment. the results have not changed too much and im hoping there is some type of treatment out there that could eliminate the pain, sweating and physical appearence. please help!!

Ranjela4 09-14-2013 10:42 AM

Ask your dermatologist to perform laser therapy on your birthmark. Several treatments of laser therapy can significantly fade a birthmark and in some cases remove it completely.

kaykay 10-05-2013 09:34 PM

have you tried the experts on the VBF page ? maybe you need a different kind of laser

dancermom 10-09-2013 07:31 PM

This does not sound like a hemangioma. Have you had a CT, MRI, or arteriogram, or do they just keep lasering? It is possible you have an arteriovenous malformation (avm), whose growth can be triggered by hormonal activity, such as puberty and pregnancy. You should go to an interventional radiologist to have this checked out, not a dermatologist. AVMs are serious and can develop and progress, causing pain, nerve damage, and even heart problems.

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