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Daniellesmom 03-25-2013 09:13 PM

HELP!! Hemangioma inside rear-end ulcerated
My daughter is 15 weeks old and was born with a large hemangioma inside her butt... it did not start bothering her until she was 12 weeks in which she developed a ulceration. She is in extreme pain. We are taking her to St Chris to start on propronal. From what I have read, this should reduce the size of it, but I am concerned with her pain from the ulceration.. any advice?? any questions I should ask the Doctors tomorrow?? It breaks my heart every time we change her diaper... she screams in complete pain.

smurph 03-26-2013 03:56 AM

Ouch. That must be so terrible!! Poor baby! If it were me, one question I would ask is how often the doctor has dealt with hemangiomas such as this. Perhaps they have an ointment such as xylocane that could numb the ulcerated area- although I'm not sure if that can be used on that area. It did help with my daughter's ulceration. She used to scream in pain too, so I feel your pain for sure. Good luck! Keep us posted!


jennr11 03-27-2013 04:01 PM

Poor baby!!! :( We dealt with ulcerations on my daughters arm last year and it does break your heart. I second Shannon on asking for the Xylocane. Our doctor wouldn't give us anything topical for pain because they felt it would be absorbed systemically, but did give us Tylenol with Codeine. That never made since to me since Tylenol with Codeine is clearly a systemic drug?!?! She was only 2 months old and I never gave it to her. Once the propranolol was started her ulcerations healed in about a month. It was a long month, but it did get better!

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