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Nancy 04-09-2013 03:38 AM

History of name Port Wine Stain, and time for a change?
I have sought out the history for the name 'Port Wine Stain', for this particular vascular birthmark malformation...what I find, is that it originated as a "name" for the appearance, just as other "names" for other birthmarks are based on appearance, such as 'Salmon Patch'.
Before I die, I wish to eliminate this derogatory naming, to use the SWS Types,
possibly, or simply Vascular Malformation, or some such....
After the AP decision to eliminate the term 'illegal immigrants' as a dehumanizing,
inaccurate term, this gave me the idea to approach the AP about eliminating these terms, as well, as they are inaccurate.

None of us has a port wine stain. We have vascular malformations. These are not issues of pigment; these are vascular issues.

This is something I wish to look into, and I wonder what others think?

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