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EFMama 07-16-2013 12:00 AM

Bruised H
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Hello all, I haven't posted here in a long while...

My now 5 year old has an untreated H prominently on his forehead. It's greatly faded and we're happy with it's 'progress'.

Today, he crash collided with his big brother, hitting both of them in the head. There was swelling and redness visible immediately. Looking at the markings after the collision, I'm surprised it didn't break the skin.

The H has swollen and darkened. Looks like it has regressed several years. The nurseline feels it's a temporary thing and we're monitoring him for concussion and any worsening in the swelling/colouring, as indicated in the trace-lines in the pic.

Anyone else experience an impact bruise on or around the H? How did it effect it, how long was recovery, what did you do - if anything - for treatment.


missy 07-16-2013 02:04 PM

Hi Aimee! Nice to see you again. How are things otherwise?

It was some years ago, but I remember another child on the forum that the same thing happened to. I think she collided with the dog. I do believe it resolved itself, just like any bruising would, but you would be better to ask someone else than me.

I would ask Dr. Levitin:

Good to see you, though! Wish it were for something more positive.


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