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tovarogers 07-28-2013 08:48 PM

living with a huge hairy nevus
I am new here and am so glad to know others out there that live wits this too.

Mine starts on my right buttocks and wraps around the front of me covering my private parts, and goes down the outer part of my thigh.

I am a grown adult and still am embarrassed by this, i wear long shirts so if i bend over no one sees its, i have never learned how to swim since i won't wear a bathing suit. I prefer the lights off for adult "entertainment".

I was told it can become cancerous is this true? I would love to have it removed or at least shrunken down, is this even possible?

kaykay 08-25-2013 10:07 PM

its not cancerous but it needs to be check as it CAN get melonmia ? skin cancer

yes something can be done about it. email the experts on this page for advice. I think it involves skin grafts ? try googling it too. i did that recently for a picture that was passed on to me of a baby with one around the eye.

ok who DOESN'T like having the lights off for adult entertainment atleast sometimes ? :D

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