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momof3inpa2009 09-25-2013 06:02 PM

Surgery questions
So many of you may have read my daughter's story at her blog and well I'm at a point here now that I don't know what decision to make. A bit of short background: My daughter is now 4 and she has a deep hemangioma above her left eye. We went through propranolol, we did timolol, we quit timolol because we were told there was only fatty tissues left behind and was referred to a plastic surgeon. I didn't believe it was fatty tissues left behind I knew the hemangioma was still there (which would explain why it would swell and go back down on different days) So we went to a plastic surgeon at Childrens in Pitts. and had an ultrasound and it is indeed still the hemangioma that is there. So the plastic surgeon said it was up to us whether we do surgery to remove it or not. She said if it were any where else on her body that "we wouldn't be having this conversation" but because it is on the face there would be a scar. I want to know from anyone who has done a surgery on their child how they healed as far as scarring. I was told originally the incision site would only be about an inch. I just don't know which way to go. I'm worried that if we wait for it to go away on it's own (she has had it since 3 months old) that it may get larger like it originally did and she would end up having to have surgery anyway later on to remove fatty tissues or saggy skin. And maybe later on if the hemangioma IS gone and only fatty tissues/saggy skin remains then insurance would not cover it because it would be considered cosmetic. I would like to get it taken care of before she enters school. I'm just wanting to hear from anyone who has done surgery and what your outcome was. Thanks in advance! We go tomorrow for the 2nd appointment with plastic surgeon and I have no clue what decision we will make yet.

smurph 09-28-2013 05:57 AM

Hi there!
My daughter's hemangioma was on her upper lip so I may not be able to help with the scarring question...hers did not really scar at all when she had her surgery because of the way her lip was cut. But I can definitely identify with your dilemma for the surgery was not a clear cut decision for us either and I agonized about it for about a year. We decided to do the surgery the summer before she started kindergarten (she had just turned 5) and I think this ended up being a good time to do it for us. She wasn't too traumatized by it and recovered very quickly...she barely remembers it and she is 8 now. I saw the most dramatic involution of her hemangioma from about age 1-3. After that it still continued to fade but the bulkiness did not change much. I knew it looked ok as it was, but I wasn't sure if she would want it fixed when she was older, so we decided to do the surgery then because we knew it would be covered by insurance then and may not be later as an older child or teenager. We decided to take care of it and be done with it so she would not have to fret and go through the surgery as an older child. I feel like it was a good decision for us, but I know she would have been fine if we hadn't done it as well. Our pediatrician told us, you really can't make the "wrong" are just trying to do what you think is best and she will be fine either way! I felt like that took the pressure off a bit.
How did your appointment go with the plastic surgeon? What did they suggest? Good luck with your decision. I know it's not easy!


momof3inpa2009 09-28-2013 12:28 PM


Thank you! So much of what you said felt like I could have written!
I felt myself nodding my head a lot as I read!
We decided to wait an additional 6 months for surgery. However surgery is scheduled for the end of April. We can cancel it if we need to. We also want to get this all taken care of before our daughter starts school.
Thanks so much for asking how the appointment went & for the reply.

missy 09-28-2013 05:07 PM

Hi there!

I think you've made a wise choice. It sounds like the best of both worlds; you can wait and have the surgery when it's needed.

My son has a scar above his eye from a bad fall when he was three. It was very prominent for a couple of years, but you can hardly see it now. He's ten. Children usually heal very well and they seem to grow into their scars.

Good to see you again!


smurph 09-29-2013 05:10 AM

Glad the appt went well. That's almost exactly what happened with us...our surgery appt was months out and gave us time to think about it (which was a good thing in a lot of ways, but I think I drove my husband crazy trying to make the final decision!!! hahaha!!) Good luck with whatever you choose to do! Let us know how everything goes. :) Glad I could be of some help.


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