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Melissa Milford 11-02-2013 01:41 AM

I have Nevus of Ota
I was born with a bithmark on my eye and neither eye match in color, however the past ten years I have a pigmentation that covers almost half of my face that just seemed to have appeared, they said it's Nevus of Ota I bought bleaching pads they failed to tell me it would not get rid of all of it, yes it lightened up however they said I would have to endure the costly lazer procedures that I can not afford :( I've tried other products and have gotten nowere, I'm not giving up tho there are always new things on the market to try, that are much more affordable, my next shot is the BlackMagic IPL Neo Mag Light Ex Eraser Xenon and I could try the teeth bleaching products as well, wish me luck and if anyone has any other ideas for me please let me know.

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