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kaykay 02-05-2014 11:56 AM

facebook page disappeared
just wanted to apologise to anyone on this forum that liked my page

for unknown reasons my page disappeared. its not in the fb search bar any more and the only way i can find the link is to google it and it just results in a profile not available message

one week today. loads of pages disappeared.

i created a new one. fb ain't gonna keep me back from doing what i do. my target audience is for those who have questions about issues with the PWS, sharing my own experiences with others, helping create more awareness about port wine stains.

really glad i hosted my vlogs on youtube and not facebook !

again, i am sorry about that i've been spamming every link i can find to report the issue but no response

missy 02-06-2014 02:18 AM

I'm sorry. How frustrating! I hate when stuff like that happens!


kaykay 02-06-2014 07:31 PM

facebook is a great medium for support, why i decided to use it for a blog. down side is you can't talk to anyone unless you wanna buy ads. some business pages are back. one person forwarded some other pages that were down using her business page and they did response to her so it MIGHT comeback

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